Forestry and Mining

In mining, many aspects often required forward thinking, such as in the case of forestry. A significant amount of wood was needed for tunnel construction. Spruce, fir, and larch were the preferred tree species for mining activities and had to be locally planted or purchased. These intentionally cultivated forests had to be nurtured and cared for over 70 to 80 years until harvest. Here, we are in one of the last forests that are the result of this "forest culture."

Specifically, wood was needed for tunnel support in order to secure the tunnels properly. The ‚timbering‘ had to be precise - hence the derivation of the carpenter‘s profession. Larch wood was preferred, known for its unique moisture resistance and durability. Another crucial factor was the ‚warning‘ aspect. Larch wood creaks and groans long before it breaks. This was of great importance for the survival of the miners.